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EE Patch 4 is coming Thursday!

Duffy Swiftshadow / Feb 17, 2015
The next patch brings some significant changes to the War of the Towers, we'll be adjusting our strategy accordingly. Members should check the forums for details in the coming days.

That aside some awesome changes are coming, quick highlights:

  • Implements are getting a huge power boost, they should be a lot more useful going forward.
  • Achievements now award credit for participating in a kill, not just getting the killing blow.
  • Cleric Deity Favored Weapon attacks are being added! Their are a few gotchas to watch out for but it should be pretty cool none the less.
  • 7 day auctions! This should vastly improve auction house use.
  • Escalations are being tweaked.
  • Feat tweaks, including longer buff durations.

Preview of the patch notes can be found here. Note that the WoT section at the bottom has already been changed based on feedback, the new changes for WoT can be found here.


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