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Duffy Swiftshadow / May 26, 2015
With the advent of Feuding in EE8 we can now act in a mercenary capacity without damaging our characters' reputation. We've spent some time outlining our internal process and can now proudly share our available service list (including ROE) and a handy little tool to get a rough estimate before you consult one of our brokers. You can check it all out here.

Remember everything is somewhat negotiable and numbers will change over time based on feedback, market changes, and mechanics. Check back somewhat frequently if you may be interested in our services!
Duffy Swiftshadow / Apr 23, 2015
With the release of EE7 holdings have been introduced to the game! We've wasted little time, after the initial rush on Friday we managed to farm enough tokens from escalations to fill our Engineer's queued for the foreseeable future. Below you can see the fruits of our labors!

Halo of Flies' Barracks:

Vox Silentii's Shrine:

Aside from the resources our outposts in will be generating in these hexes the holdings will also provide level 1 training for fighter and cleric weapons. Higher level training will become available once we can upgrade our holdings. Additional holdings will be going up this weekend, keep up the good work!
Duffy Swiftshadow / Feb 17, 2015
The next patch brings some significant changes to the War of the Towers, we'll be adjusting our strategy accordingly. Members should check the forums for details in the coming days.

That aside some awesome changes are coming, quick highlights:

  • Implements are getting a huge power boost, they should be a lot more useful going forward.
  • Achievements now award credit for participating in a kill, not just getting the killing blow.
  • Cleric Deity Favored Weapon attacks are being added! Their are a few gotchas to watch out for but it should be pretty cool none the less.
  • 7 day auctions! This should vastly improve auction house use.
  • Escalations are being tweaked.
  • Feat tweaks, including longer buff durations.

Preview of the patch notes can be found here. Note that the WoT section at the bottom has already been changed based on feedback, the new changes for WoT can be found here.
Duffy Swiftshadow / Jan 22, 2015
Release notes can be found on the GW blog here.

The most important item in this patch is the addition of player husks. If you die you can now lose some or all of your inventory pending the circumstances. Be careful out there, drop off loot at the nearest safe bank often. Beware going AFK with anything in your inventory. While the odds are not likely in our corner of the world you can be killed in towns without the guards reacting. Be diligent!
Duffy Swiftshadow / Sep 13, 2014
After an internal poll and discussions with our allies we have chosen the Wizard and Rogue template which will grant us the respective training buildings and some crafting buildings to support those roles. The crafting options should work well given our predominate surrounding forest hexes. Additional crafter training will be available at Canis Castrum and Sunholm will be providing Fighter and Cleric training as we will in turn be providing them with Wizard and Rogue training.
Duffy Swiftshadow / Sep 10, 2014
Hope's End (as the Aeonian League's Representative) has participated in the War of the Towers Non-Aggression Pact Summit between the various active settlements. It was impressive seeing that many disparate organizations coming together to discuss a topic, hopefully we'll see more such discussions in the future. Members should check our 'Member's Only Forum' for detailed information regarding the topic and how it could impact Hope's End.